How do galaxies evolve? is the question at the heart of my research. In search of answers, I examine the relationships between the gas in galaxies - as the fuel for forming new stars - and their stellar, star formation, and chemical properties. My specialism lies in the analysis of large multi-wavelength datasets in order to understand galaxy populations as a whole.

I lead VERTICO, the Virgo Environment Traced in CO survey, an ongoing ALMA Large Program that is investigating the effect of extreme environments on galaxies by mapping the star-forming molecular gas in 51 galaxies in our nearest galaxy cluster, Virgo. VERTICO is the first ever Canadian-led ALMA Large Program and our team is made up of world-class researchers from all over the world who are working to reveal the physical mechanisms that drive galaxy evolution in dense environments in brilliant detail.

If you are interested, I wrote about VERTICO for The Conversation.

I’m also the PI of ARCADE, an ALMA Development Study that is developing a state-of-the-art cloud computing platform for processing and analysing ALMA telescope data.

Here is a relatively up-to-date CV.

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Science Communication

I’m also a passionate science communicator and outreach enthusiast. When I’m not peering at the Universe I spend my time talking about it through radio, writing and award-winning public talks!

In the most extreme regions of the universe, galaxies are being killed. Their star formation is being shut down and, as an astronomer, I want to know why. The Virgo Environment Traced in Carbon Monoxide survey (VERTICO), is investigating in brilliant detail how galaxies are killed by their environment. Credit: McMaster University

I was a finalist of FameLab Australia, the international science communication competition presented by the British Council. Credit: British Council


  • Published Papers

    A list of my papers can be found here

  • Featured in the Press

    My research or commentary has been featured in The Conversation, The New York Post, The Herald Sun, Scientific American,, and more

  • Public Speaking

    I regularly deliver talks to large audiences, including the March for Science, Cosmic Shambles, FameLab, and other major events

  • Radio

    Amongst others, I have provided commentary for the ABC, SpaceTime, RTR-FM and JOY FM


Feel free to drop me an email. I’m happy to respond to media requests for interviews and expertise on astronomy or physics related topics, as well as matters of science funding and culture.